Byron Bay – 11th June

I woke up to the alarm at 6:30am but Elsie didn’t call until about 7 so I was able to spend time waking up under the covers and checking Facebook and Whatsapp. People are very surprised when they get a message from me this early!We all left at about 9 after breakfast and getting dressed. We drove to the circus skills place on the industrial site where Elsie can run around in an indoor play park and where she was booked into a circus skills workshop for younger children. Alice kept an eye on Elsie while I had Ash – he was asleep for the first bit but once he had had a feed (Alice did that bit!) I had him. He loved the sparkly lights and was happy to lie on his back looking at them for most of the time. It is amazing to watch a child experience things for the first time and see the wonder and interest in their eyes.

Elsie had a sleep after lunch which gave Alice some time with Ash and me some time downstairs to rest.
Once everyone was up we entertained the two of them between us and decided on Chinese for supper. Alice and Elsie went out to get it. I have to be honest and say it wasn’t the best Chinese I had had but the duck pancakes were great. And it was good not to have to prepare or do dishes!
I put Elsie to bed and then spent time – yes, you have guessed it – with my knitting, the radio and the Internet.
Quotes for today:


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