Byron Bay – 12th June

All up and out by 9 am for a walk to check out the market. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on so I popped into Rockmans to check out the sale and ended up buying a pair of jeans and another top! I hope they fit in the suitcase!Then we had a cup of tea at home and headed off to Macadamia Castle for lunch. I had the Macadamia burger again which was great.

We bought some more bird feed and grass for the animals. I pushed Ash while Alice went around with Elsie. We fed the baby goats and lambs that were so small. 

We threw seeds at the ducks in the water.

Then we went to see if there was a kangaroo to see. 

It was there that I realised that I had lost my phone! 😥 I retraced my steps and fortunately found it near the ducks. Phew!

Then, while Elsie was being pushed on the swings I fed some seeds to the baby chicks who are soooo cute and small and fluffy.

Koalas came next, although they are new additions to the collection, I wasn’t impressed with the tour and thought that the enclosure was a bit small. During this Ash decided he needed feeding so Alice took him off and I stayed with Elsie. I fed the rest of the grass to the alpacas, one of which took the paper bag out of my hand and proceeded to eat it! Fortunately, I managed to lean over and grab the bag, but not before it had taken a bite out of it! Elsie then decided it was time for the playground and when we got there she took off her shoes and socks! Then she slid down a wet slide. It took me a while to dry her feet and change her clothes so that Alice could take her on the train while I looked after Ash. After the train I took Elsie into the aviary and then it was time to go home.

Paw patrol again – I shall be singing the theme tune in my head for weeks!

We had supper at 6:30 eating up the left overs and Elsie was in bed by 7:40.

This evening I had FaceTime audio with Castell and Lynn – lovely to speak to them.

Then more listening to “A Villa in Italy” and I have finished the third side of the throw and cast on the final side! 

Internet still playing up so difficult to up load blogs – well that is my excuse but unfortunately the blanket/throw is taking priority as I am not taking it with me!!

Quote for today:


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