Byron Bay – 13th June

Bank holiday today for the Queen’s birthday! This meant Elsie was not at nursery so we made a plan. We decided to go
to Ballina to do a bit of shopping and then have a picnic. I made a picnic (with Cheron in mind!) and included sandwiches, apples, cucumber and cheese. While we were at the shops we also bought some millionaire shortbread and some strawberries.I pushed Ash around while Elsie ran around the shops with Alice. I also managed to sneak buy a bar of whole nut chocolate when Elsie was having a ride on a car.

We got to the park just in time for Ash to have some food and I spent time pushing Elsie on the swings. Then Alice and I swapped and I had Ash who was quite content to watch a left over decoration swinging in the wind. We had lunch and Elsie had a bit more time to play until Ash was ready for a sleep and then we made our way home. On the way we saw a pair of pelicans flying across the sky – what a beautiful sight.

Alice made a chicken risotto for supper. We worked together to do the usual things to look after the children and I put Elsie to bed.

Guessing you know what I was doing this evening!
Quote for today:


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