Hong Kong/London – 20th June

Woke up early and read for a bit before showering and getting dressed. I repacked my hand luggage which was much easier with dry clothes! I hadn’t opened my large suitcase so that stayed as it was. I checked out and made my way back to the airport. Check-in was open when I got there and I had no problem checking everything in – although my large suitcase had gained half a kilo some where!I had a wonderful breakfast in a quiet restaurant. Eggs Benedict, with orange juice followed by wholemeal toast and a pot of tea – and free wifi. I made my way to the gate after a quick visit to the facilities and found a seat to do some more blogging. I was asked to fill in a survey by an eager young man so I took time to help him – I can’t think I helped him very much as I was just passing through Hong Kong but he didn’t seem to mind and gave me a pin for my troubles. It was then time to board the plan. I would like to take this opportunity of saying that paying the extra money to travel premium economy is well worth it and one of the benefits is being loaded first.

The flight back to London was long but I forced myself to stay awake. I was sat next to a young lady who was quite chatty who was a theatrical make up artist and kept ordering glasses of wine – another benefit of premium economy is that the alcohol is unlimited! I am sure at one point she was vaping under her blanket – though I couldn’t prove it! I probably had one too many glasses of wine as one ended up all over me, my handbag, my knitting bag and the floor! Fortunately I had decided to wear my black trousers rather than my white ones!!

I was also asked to complete a customer satisfaction questionnaire which kept me busy for a bit and gave me a money off voucher for onboard duty free! As I had never purchased duty free on board I decided to end my trip doing one more thing I have never done! That also filled quite a bit of time! I followed the flight tracker for the second half of the flight – I realised we were flying over Russia and was quite relieved when we got over Poland! And then it was just an hour to go! 

When we were over London and had 20 minutes of the flight left to go I began to get quite excited at the prospect of being back home. I decided I needed some tunes to help me so I got the BeeGees on the play list and tapped my feet for the rest of the flight. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed the end of a flight so much!

We landed on time and disembarked quite quickly. Heathrow made me walk miles to the baggage reclaim belt and while I waited for the bags to come in I dived in the toilet and freshened up. I didn’t have long to wait for my suitcase and then had more walking to get through security and customs. And then I was home to be greeted by two of my oldest and best friends…..

Quote for today:

Thank you all for reading my blog!


One thought on “Hong Kong/London – 20th June

  1. Your looking well Steph.shall miss your blogs have enjoyed keeping up with you.still knitting Thursday if you are in the area.xx


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