Hong Kong – 20th June

At 4 am Hong Kong (6am Australia time) time we were served breakfast – nothing memorable! We landed safely at 6 am and when I went to get my suitcase from the overhead locker mine was the only one in it!!!! I had no problems with getting through security. It was early but the heat was already building!I got to the hotel by 7am but my room wasn’t ready. I wasn’t surprised but he gentleman on reception did say he would try and have it ready for me by 9:30. I was able to find a quiet table, ordered a cranberry juice and spent 2 hours blogging.

I was in my room by 10am and it was great to have some privacy and relax. I hung up all the clothes that were still damp from having been washed in Australia. I had a cup of coffee (very disappointed that there were no tea bags!) with some Lamingtons which I had brought with me. I did some more blogging and spent time responding to messages and Skype.

I made a real effort to go swimming in the hotel pool which turned out to be as warm as bath water but I did twenty lengths!  This is the view of the pool from my window.

By the time I was showered and dressed it was time for an early supper so I ordered room service. Fish and chips followed by American cheesecake – yum.

I should have done some more blogging but I was worn out and all blogged out so it would have to wait. I watched a film instead, did a bit of reading and went to bed early.

Quote for today:


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