Byron Bay – 18th June

World Wide Knit in Public Day
This morning we were all up and ready and once Ash was ready for a sleep we drove off to Circus Arts so that Elsie could play in the indoor playground. Alice played with Elsie and I watched Ash while doing my knitting in public! Here is my evidence!

When we got back it was time for lunch followed by Elsie’s nap and while she was in her room listening to her not nap! I sewed Alice’s hat and packed more of my stuff. I can’t believe how much stuff I have managed to collect since Easter. I also managed to do one last wash and I hoped it dried before I left – the weather was terrible though so who knows.

After Elsie’s rest we headed to Brunswick Heads to follow the fairy trail. I pushed Ash while Alice and and Elsie searched for all the fairy houses. I helped with clues for some of them. Here are a selection….

We also saw sting rays in the river as we walked over the bridge. Can you see them in the murky water?

Unfortunately, none of the fairies were at home so we didn’t see any. We made our way home just as it was beginning to get dark and I had toast for supper as I still wasn’t feeling like eating too much.

Once Elsie was asleep it was time for the last of my sorting and packing and I am sure I got a bit of knitting done too!

Quote for today:


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