Byron Bay – 17th June

Today was another day of sorting out and preparing to go home. I heard that my presentation went down well at the NRA – very pleased that it was used and received well. I was feeling much better – still a bit rough but feeling like eating a bit.I took two bags of stuff to the charity shop, went to the post office to send out photos for Corinne, the chemist to buy some good bacteria (listening to my guts! 😄), the nail bar to make an appointment and went to a hair appointment. It was nice just to sit for a bit.

Afterwards I popped into ALDI for some crisps as I was feeling a lot better and ate a few while I had my nails done. Finally, I tried to get an appointment for a waxing but fortunately they were busy! I didn’t think I could have coped with the pain today!

When I got back I was tired so rested again but I was beginning to feel much better.

Once the children were in bed I Skyped with people at home and finalised arrangements for being collected from the airport and for the first few days back with Lynn.

Quote for today:


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