Byron Bay – 10th June

Alice was having coffee with a friend this morning so she took Elsie to school and although I was still up early I didn’t have to get going until late morning. I took the opportunity to go back to bed and read until she came back. It was lovely as I had woken up with one of my headaches – not as bad as they used to be but annoying nonetheless.
Once I was up and sorted we waited for Ash to be ready for a sleep and then drove to Bangalow to the Heritage Tea Rooms for lunch. Ash was quiet for the whole time which meant Alice and I had a relaxing lunch of sandwiches, scones, jam and cream and copious amounts of tea! We were also able to have an uninterrupted conversation – and we totally made the most of the opportunity! Then it was time for Ash to wake up so we made our way back home.
I dropped them off and then went off to do the weekly shop. It has been a long time since I have done a whole weekly shop and a quite enjoyed it. The only thing I couldn’t find was smoked mackerel which I will have to find an alternative later in the week. When I got home I unloaded the car and put all the shopping away.

Alice collected Elsie while I watched Ash. Then Elsie was back and between Alice and myself we entertained Elsie, looked after Ash, fed both and ourselves and put Elsie to bed.
Another evening of knitting (the edges are taking longer than I thought!) and listening to the audio book once I had checked my emails and messages and replied to some of them.
Quotes for today:

And this is the flip side!


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