Byron Bay – 15th June

Elsie is sleeping much better and much later so I have been able to turn the alarm off and get up when she calls – usually after I have woken up and after 7 so she is getting more sleep too.Once we were up and dressed I dropped Elsie off at nursery and drove up to Bangalow. When I got there Di was in a meeting so I gave Sybil the card and the chocolates I had brought to say thank you. I got out my throw to show everyone and had a lot of admiring comments so I put it up over the piano on display for the morning.

Then I settled down to finish crocheting the squares.

Later Di made a speech and gave me a card and I was teary (I put it down to being tired!). I told them how much I had enjoyed meeting them and spending time with them.

They have been so welcoming and it has been so nice to get to know real Australian ladies of a certain age. Then we had a talk by the Liberation Larder a charity that provides meals for the homeless in Byron Bay using unwanted food from supermarkets and restaurants. They also link up with the Shift project that we heard about a while back. I have been finding out all sorts of stuff about Byron Bay and the surrounding area in these talks.

After lunch I began to feel a bit strange – nauseous and out of sorts. When I got back I decided to rest up so I lay down to do some reading before Alice went for a run and went to fetch Elsie. This gave me time to think about home and the NRA presentations that were happening without me. I have managed to get something put together to be presented so I am hoping it goes down well. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t be there.

Once Elsie was in bed I finally finished the throw. Nothing else to say. 😀😀😀

Quote for today:

One stitch after another gets you to the end of a row or throw! 😄😄😄😄


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 15th June

  1. Wow what lovely ladies in the knitting group and your throw looks amazing. Fab pics and summary to school kids good luck all with future adventures.


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