Byron Bay – 9th June

Up in the night with Elsie – first she wanted a green and red dolly and then she couldn’t find her bunny! Makes my heart go twenty to the dozen and run upstairs in case it is an emergency!Once we were up and ready I took Elsie to nursery on my way to Bangalow. I crocheted more squares together and had a lovely time chatting with the ladies. They also had the Heartbeat magazine delivered and there was an article in it about the CWA that made me laugh out loud. I hope you can read it.

The article also really upset some of the members and made others laugh. It is interesting how different people view the same thing.

Lunch was chicken pie, yoghurt with raspberries and a cookie. I managed to crochet most of the squares together but was left with one join. I left it all there so I could finish it next week and left at 2pm.
When I got home there was a package for me. It was some photos from Corinne of the Cairns trip, particularly the group photo. It was very nice of her and reminded me that I said I would send one to her. I added it to the list of things I needed to do before I left.
At about 4:30 I looked after Ash while Alice went for a run and collected Elsie.

Once supper was cooked and cleared up and Elsie was in bed I had time to do more knitting of the edges while listening to my audiobook.

Quotes for today:


One thought on “Byron Bay – 9th June

  1. I think you are a candidate for the WI as it seems you really enjoy the social aspect there. The quote about life being as quick as a match is so true – well certainly after 50 anyway! Xx


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