Byron Bay – 8th June

I dropped Elsie off at school and made my way to Bangalow for the CWA rooms – as it was the second Wednesday of the month it was their meeting day. I sat to one side and started sorting out the squares I had offered to crochet together. I managed to find enough squares of each colour to make a pattern. – all be it not quite a symmetrical as I would have liked! I pinned each line of squares and crocheted them before moving on to the next one. The meeting ended at about 11:30 and I was able to give Di the shoe laces, show another lady my kaftan and return the thread and collected some newspapers for Alice when I went to get my lunch. Today it was a chicken pie and a cinnamon swirl (not a patch on the ones I make!) I managed to crochet six rows before leaving at 2:30. I left the crocheting there as I had plenty to do at home already.Alice was home when I got there and we had a good chat and made plans for lunches and the shopping before she headed off for a run before collecting Elsie from nursery.

After supper I put Elsie to bed and got on with knitting while listening to another audio book.

Quote for today:


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