Byron Bay – 7th June

Headache brewing when I woke up this morning – the first of one of my headaches for ages. I am going to try and live through it. I did everything a bit more slowly today!I dropped Elsie of at school on my way to Ballina. I went to Lincraft to buy new needles so I could finish the throw. I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted but I managed to get the right size which was much better than nothing. While I was there I had a good browse as I knew I probably wouldn’t be back. I found sticker books for Elsie and the boys and fortunately nothing else or at least nothing else I couldn’t resist! The bakery next door supplied a couple of fresh rolls for lunch.

I popped into Rockmans to say hi to the lady from Byron that had been relocated as I sat I would. And then it was time to try and find the Art Gallery which was hosting a knitted Beanie exhibition. I had some directions, found it and parked without much trouble. When I got to the door I was disappointed to find out that the Art Gallery was closed on Tuesdays! 😢 I could see some of the exhibition through the window which just made it all the more frustrating! (Perhaps I would have to come back to Ballina after all! 😉)

This what I was trying to see!

Then it was off to Spotlight to see if they had even better needles – they didn’t! But they did have a Paw Patrol bowl for Elsie, and a dressing up section so I was able to get Elsie’s birthday present, plus card, plus wrapping – another thing ticked off my list. I also found some shoe laces for one of the ladies in the CWA to use for draw strings. Much easier to thread!

I also bought some more yarn I couldn’t resist – unfortunately it was not made in Australia but I thought it would look great with the other colours! And it is light weight too so I should be able to fit it into my suitcase. Overall it was a positive shopping trip so I set off back to Byron Bay.

Lunch was a roll with tuna, sweetcorn and mayo – yum.

My headache was still troubling me so I had a lazy afternoon with a bit of sorting out so I had everything together to take to Banaglow the following day.

Then it was time for Alice to get Elsie and Elsie and I went out for dinner as I had promised her.

We went to the same restaurant I took Castell too and because it was early and in the week there was only one other person there. I made a bit of a muck up of the ordering as I didn’t check what the pasta had on it and Elsie’s sauce came with mushrooms and she didn’t like the green bits in the garlic bread. We got there in the end and she had bacon and pasta followed by ice cream which she got everywhere! I think she had a nice time and that was the most important thing! It was nice to walk with her and talk with her and spend some quality time with her. (Next time I will order pizza!)

She had a lovely time with her Mum when we got back and by the time she was it bed it was 7:45.

I then finished knitting one side of the throw – the needle I bought was just long enough! Perhaps I will get this finished!
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