Byron Bay – 6th June

Up at 6:30 and Elsie not awake until 7 so I read until I heard her and it gave me time to wake up.
Once Elsie was dressed and fed Alice took her off to school while I had Ash. I spent some time tidying up and sorting stuff out before Alice and I went to Bunnings for packing boxes and black bags. When we got back I did some blogging, had lunch and then more blogging – still 8 days behind! It has been a day to recover from the weekend and get things organised for the week. At about 4 I went for a walk to do some shopping and picked up Elsie on the way home.

Once Elsie was off to sleep I tried some knitting but the repaired needle kept getting stuck and it was taking me ages to feed the stitches across it. I decided I had to get another needle and gave up.  These things are sent to try us!  I contacted a few people on Whatsapp instead.
Quote for today:

Puts my needle into perspective.


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