Day Dream Island/Mission Beach – 23rd May

Woke up at 5 am and couldn’t go back to sleep so read for a bit. Got up and was down for breakfast for just after 7 bags all packed. I took receipts and memory card etc so I could talk to the tour desk after breakfast about my photos.
Breakfast was scrambled eggs on toast and melon, cup of tea and a glass of orange juice.
I had a chat with the man on the desk who started by telling me the photo company was not part of the Daydream Island Resort – it wasn’t a good way to deal with a customer. Fortunately, his actions spoke louder than his words and he got hold of the company on the phone while I waited. He redeemed himself! When I spoke to the financial woman she assured me that I would get my photos. I won’t be holding my breath.
I went back to my room to sit on the balcony, unfortunately, it rained so I had to sit indoors. It wasn’t long before I had to collect my last few things together and meet the other tour members downstairs to leave this beautiful place.

We boarded the 9:20am transfer back to Airlie Beach to get back on the coach and fill another day with driving and knitting. The weather was poor but at least this meant that the coach wasn’t too hot.

We stopped in a place called Brandon for lunch which was a roast lamb dinner. I am sure if they feed us much more I am going to pop but at least I am getting my five a day! More driving followed and we arrived at Mission Beach just before 5. The room was great with another view over the beach to the ocean and a lovely long pool.

Supper was a buffet style so we could take small portions! I also had a couple of ciders as the wine here was really expensive! As I was extremely tired I left as soon as I could to go to bed. Waking up early is really beginning to take it’s toll.

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