Hardy Reef – 22nd May

Up at the crack of dawn again! Breakfast at 6:30 so we could be off onto the transfer to Hamilton Island. It was very blowy and overcast but great to watch the islands going passed. After 30 minutes we reached Hamilton Island and after a brief stop we boarded our boat out the Hardy Reef. It was a two hour journey where we were sold scuba diving and told about snorkelling etc. Some of the journey was over the shipping lane so it was a bit choppy – some people got thrown about a bit.
We arrived at 11 and the first thing I did was to check out the pontoon. There was an underwater viewing station and a semi submersible. The weather had cleared and it was gloriously sunny. I had a bit of lunch at 12 and then made my way to the scuba diving. I donned a stinger suit (a bit like a wet suit but much thinner) and got some flippers. They kitted me out with weights, and a vest that could be inflated or deflated when needed and mask, oh and an air tank! We then went under the pontoon and were given some lessons on how to breathe and clear water under water. Then we were off! Well nearly – I had a minor wobble and go water up my nose and in my mouth. How I managed that I have no idea! Anyway, second time was good and the diver who took me grabbed my right hand and tucked my arm under his and off we went. I couldn’t believe I was actually scuba diving – it was amazing. Here are a couple of photos! (Well, there would be but the memory card they were supposed to put them on was blank! I am chasing them! – they finally arrived four days later!)

I spent 30 minutes underwater seeing the reef up close. I couldn’t name all the fish I saw – in fact I couldn’t name one! But they were all beautiful!
Once I had resurfaced and taken the kit off I grabbed a cup of tea (thanks Sarah!) and finished my lunch. Then it was time for a journey on the semi submersible and another look at the reef.

By this time it was coming up for 2pm and I realised that I didn’t have long if I wanted to snorkel. So forced myself into my damp stinger suit, collected more flippers, mask, snorkel and a life jacket. Then I made my way into the water with my waterproof camera! The life jacket made it much easier to snorkel and I spent another 40 minutes swimming and watching the fish – loads and loads of them. The time passed in a flash. My camera isn’t as good and the one they used but here are a couple of photos I took!

Then it was time to dry off and get back on board the boat for the voyage home. I had a cup of tea to warm up and watched the photos they put up on the screen – loads of me in the water! Once I had ordered my photos I decided that I had earned an ice cream and while I was buying that they came round with chocolate muffins! I sat on the top deck eating both in the wind, needless to say, they both went all over me!

Another two hour journey and we were back on Hamilton Island for our connecting transfer back to Day Dream Island. I was really tired at this point and nearly fell asleep. We docked at 5:45 and expected at supper at 6:30 so it was a quick turnaround – my hair held me up as it was in such a bunch of knots after all the wind and swimming. I decided to wear the new dress I bought in the market yesterday as it is very easy to wear and very comfortable.
We had supper in the mermaid restaurant – lamb, chick peas and spinach with a ju! Another bottle of red shared with Marilyn followed by an apple and rhubarb pastry. As we hadn’t finished the bottle when the meal ended we sat outside on the verandah and chatted until about 9pm. We were kept company by the wallabies and curlews.
Then it was time to pack up my suitcase again and get ready to leave this beautiful place the following morning. I attempted to up load all the photos from the memory cards – the photos on my waterproof camera all up loaded but there were none one the card I had paid for earlier in the day! Not a happy bunny! I tried not to think about it too much before going to bed. I wanted to read before I went to sleep but my eyes wouldn’t stay open!
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12 thoughts on “Hardy Reef – 22nd May

    1. Thanks Liz! I have really enjoyed the last two weeks – although I need to catch up with the blog so everything is up. I feel so much better now – like I have found a bit of me I thought I had lost! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„ xx


  1. I saw a reef shark in your snorkel picture πŸ‹πŸ˜± looks amazing you were so brave I could not of done it how was your breathing. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad I didn’t see the shark! My breathing was fine but it really was mind over matter down there so I don’t think I will be doing it again! πŸ˜“ But I am very glad I did it! 😊 xx


    1. Thanks everyone! I have had an amazing two weeks! Back to being Auntie Stephie now – which is amazing in a completely different way! It will all be over soon. 😒 But I will be seeing you all soon! Xxxxxx


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