Mission Beach – 24th May

Over night it rained and as I was on the top floor and the roof was made of corrugated iron it was extremely noisy. So I still woke up early!Today the group was split into two so that half could have some time to themselves while the other half went of for a tour of a fruit farm. I was part of the group that stayed behind in the morning so I did my washing – it took much longer than it should as I kept getting queue jumped into the dryer!

I also had a good swim in the pool and managed 28 lengths which is the same as 14 lengths in the Byron pool.

Lunch was a cold meat buffet at 12:00 and afterwards we went up to Fruits of the Forest Farm for a tour where we tasted all sorts of fruit from all over the world, particularly those that grow well in a tropical climate. Here are a few – can anyone name them?

My favourite was this pink spiky one.

We also saw a snake sunning itself – can you spot it?

When we got back there was just time to have a walk along the beach. It was a long flat beach and there are warnings for saltwater crocodiles so I didn’t paddle too deeply!

Supper was supposed to be a hot buffet but the meat was tough and the mash potato was cold. Most disappointing as the standard of meals has been really high until now. Also there was upset between a couple of people and another seemed to have had too much to drink so Lynne and I left as soon as we had finished. I had another evening in my room and I sat on my balcony reading listening to the waves on the beach. Beautiful.

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One thought on “Mission Beach – 24th May

  1. The fruit farm looked really interesting and i’m having a guess that it may be a guava for the pear shaped fruit and a rambutan( I may be wrong with the spelling) for the red ones. Not good at spotting the snake either! Xx

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