Bundaberg – 19th May

Woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep so read a bit and got up slowly. Breakfast at 7am and off again at 8:30.
Today is they day we were supposed to visit Lady Musgrave Island but the boat caught fire and sank last Thursday! Fortunately, all the passengers and crew were rescued although by all accounts it took hours! Anyway, we had no boat! Fun over 50 have managed to book another boat for another day while we are on Daydream Island! So they had to plan a day at short notice.

We drove an hour and a half back to Bundaberg where we had morning tea and a walk round a park that had a lake and walk way. We spotted ducks, some moor hen type birds, turtles, an eel and a pelican. I sat for a while watching the pelican feeding not far from me – it was lovely to see.

Then we went into the Bert Hinkler Museum, Bert was a famous Australian aviator. He had a very interesting but short life, living in England and USA. The museum had all sorts of interactive toys so I had a go at gliding and on a flight simulator – I only just managed not to crash and I don’t think I have the skills to start a flying career! Part of the museum is the detached house he built in England and yes they transported it brick by brick in 1983 from Thornhill, Southampton! So I know a lot of people that would have driven passed it! It was full of 1930’s furniture so I enjoyed having a good look round there!

Lunch was sandwiches, cake and a cup of tea – very tasty.
Our final stop in Bundaberg was the Rum distillery! We had a good look at the museum looking at artefacts from it’s 125 year history. The logo is a polar bear which seemed a strange mascot. Eventually I found out that they used it to represent the fact that drinking rum would warm you up when it was cold!? There were polar bears in the tv adverts over a number of years which reinforced the brand. I was none the wiser when I had learnt all this. We took in a film about the 125 year anniversary rum and how it was produced. And then it was time for tasting – now I don’t drink spirits as a rule but as it was free I made an exception! While I was waiting to be served I tried the chocolate rum sauce. I think that would be delicious on vanilla ice cream – fancy some when I get back Alice? I did buy a little bottle! I tasted the coffee/chocolate rum liqueur – ok but the coffee spoilt it in my opinion. Then I tried the salted caramel rum liqueur – yummy but not sure I want to get used to drinking too much of that.

We had jolly, chilled journey home. It took us another hour and a half back and I knitted the whole way back and completed another two squares and I am nearly half way through this last strip. I did need a cable needle but I have used another circular needle instead. It is a bit cumbersome but it does the job!

By the time we arrived back at the hotel it was definite time for another swim. I checked who was about and found Marilyn and Lynne in the spa. I went for a 20 minutes swim and then jumped in the spa for 10 minutes before going to get ready for drinks and supper at 6pm.
This evening, with another shared bottle of wine, supper was crispy skinned chicken which was excellent. This was followed by a delicious apple pastry and ice cream – I could have eaten two!
This evening was packing to leave tomorrow and I had a chat with Castell. 😀
Quote for today!


2 thoughts on “Bundaberg – 19th May

  1. What a fantastic time you are having on this trip. Really interesting to hear all about it and the photos are great too. Looking forward to sharing the rest of your trip. Xx

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