Town of 1770 – 18th May

Woke up this morning at 5 am and didn’t really get back to sleep. Up at 6:30 and to breakfast by 7:15. We were off by 8:15 to the town of 1770 and the LARC. This is an amphibious vehicle which had 4WD and we loaded and off we went into the river.  

I was in an outside seat and saw all sorts of birds and fish – two stingrays! Egrets, pelicans oyster catchers and Eagles. We had a long journey up the beach on the other side of the river to Bustard Point and lighthouse. We crossed creeks and rocks and we told about the flora and fauna all the way there. 

 We had morning tea at the campsite – Anzac biscuits and bananas with a cup of tea. Yum.
Then we were on a short trip up to the light house where we looked at restored houses, the light house, museum and cemetery.

Lunch time was sandwiches and Billy tea – made over a fire and in the tea pots over the fire. Then I put my swimming costume on just in case I got wet in the afternoon. We walked down the hill to the beach and the water was glorious to paddle in.

Back in the LARC to cross the creek to the sand dunes for some sand boarding and yes I had a go!

Then it was back on the vehicle and our journey back passing more flora and fauna.

Back at Lagoon 1770 by 4pm so I had time to put a load of washing on before going to have a swim in the pool to cool off.

 After the exercise I got in the spa with Marilyn and Lynne – all we needed was a cocktail but no-one came to offer us one!

All to soon it was time to get ready for supper and tonight I had chosen beef cheeks. I have never eaten beef cheeks and wasn’t sure what to expect but it was extremely well prepared and melted in the mouth. The shared bottle of red (sorry Dad am not doing very well at naming this wine I am drinking! I just know it was red and an Australian Shiraz!) was a perfect accompaniment. Dessert was a scrumptious fresh fruit salad (with dragon fruit no less!) and ice cream.

Back in my room by 8:30 for a bit more relaxing!! (And some blogging although the Internet was playing up so I only got one done.)
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