Byron Bay/Brisbane – 14th May

Lazy get up, had Ash while Alice sorted Elsie and caught up on Eastenders. Then I sorted out rest of stuff to take, had a shower, played with Elsie and had a chat with Alice. At 12:55 I made my way to the bus stop via Subway. I go there with plenty of time and once I had eaten my lunch the bus arrived. We loaded up and the driver didn’t have me on the list but fortunately I had my ticket and he let me stay!
The journey to Brisbane was very comfortable and as the seats are high up you can see over the road barriers and see much more of the countryside. The only problem is the seat belts are a little tight. We dropped people off at the domestic and international airport and then it was into the city to drop of at the same train station I would need tomorrow. I walked to the hotel dragging my suitcase which to start with was fine but ended up with a hill for the final stretch. I was hot when I got there and felt that I had done a good workout. It took me 40 mins in total.

The hotel was another Meriton so I knew what I was getting.

and I settled down for a cup of tea and some Skyping before ordering a pizza for supper, sorting my stuff for tomorrow and watching a bit of tv before going to bed.

Quote for today:


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay/Brisbane – 14th May

  1. Is it a typo or a real thing? What is a Citroen tart? I hope it is a typo – they always make me laugh out loud and what better way to start the day, so thanks Steph. Enjoy your new adventure. Xx

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