Byron Bay – 13th May

Still got up at 7 but didn’t rush to get out of bed. Had a lazy time until I went to get my legs waxed, my nails painted and my hair cut and coloured. I had some interesting chats with the women I met today. The waxing lady was from Leeds and told me I needed trainers and socks for Fraser Island and I looked the way she did my eyebrows. The woman who did my nails was from Japan and was very patient with me choosing my polish and she did an excellent job. 

 The woman who did my hair was from Germany, Bavaria and she blowed dried my hair so I could see how she had done it. I really like the colour she put in. She also didn’t mind me knitting so I go started on the 89th square and started the ninth strip! I got back to the house at about 2 and spent the rest of the afternoon finishing of repairs to my Birkenstocks and sorting out what I was going to pack. Thanks for your input Alice!
That evening we all went out for curry. The food was lovely and I had a couple of ciders but Ash didn’t last the whole meal and so as I had finished first I walked him home – he was as good as gold. I think it might have been easier to have a take away though!
Quote for the day:


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