Brisbane/Fraser Island – 15th May

I managed to have a good nights sleep until 4:30 when I was woken by sirens on the road outside. It took me a while to get back off again and then it was 7 am again!
I got up, showered and dressed before making my way to the bus stop. Fortunately, I hadn’t missed it and it took me back to the Roma Street railway station. I was at least an hour early so I found a cafe (not easy on a Sunday!) and had fried eggs on toast and a cup of tea. Afterwards I went to the toilet to freshen up and make my way to Platform 10. I met Sarah and then checked my baggage in. I was allowed 17kg and my bag weighed 17.21kg!

We waited for a while on the platform waiting for the train to be ready. I spoke to a number of people – one of them was Marilyn who was also travelling on her own and who I was sitting next to on the train.
We were loaded on the Tilt Train by 11 am and I chatted with Marilyn and we decided it was time for red wine when lunch was served! Lunch consisted of roast beef, potatoes and veg followed by a chocolate brownie. 

Then for afternoon tea – a cup of tea and blueberry muffin.  The Tilt train was then out of the built up area and reached speeds of 168 km ph.

Arrived at Maryborough at 2:30 and boarded a coach transfer to the ferry to Fraser Island at 3:30. We were late due to a slight delay on the Tilt Train but the ferry waited for us and was off before it had fully lifted the gangplank! We had a lovely smooth crossing looking for dolphins along the way. It was glorious weather and beautiful views – no dolphins though!

We got the Island by 4:30 but it was still difficult to see where the Kingfisher Bay Resort actually was. There was a quick welcome chat and we were off to our rooms. There was time to get settled and have a break before heading to the bar for pre supper drinks at 6pm and I had a glass of wine. Supper was serve at 6:30 and I chose the barramundi. This was followed by chocolate brownie with chilli cream and beetroot and another glass of wine. The food looked really good but my barramundi wasn’t all cooked and the dessert was very strange – I left the beetroot and chilli cream but enjoyed the chocolate brownie. I sat with Lynne and Marilyn during the meal and then again with them while Marilyn had a cup of tea. They seemed like nice ladies who had a good sense of humour!  

We went back to our rooms at 8:00. I did some knitting and finished another square while watching tv.

I went to bed at around 10:00 as I knew I had to get up early the next morning!

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One thought on “Brisbane/Fraser Island – 15th May

  1. Glad you met some nice people to chat with – always makes a long journey more interesting. Good first day of your trip eh. Xx


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