Byron Bay – 11th May

Up at 7 am as usual and got sorted before taking Elsie to school on my way to the CWA meeting. Today, as it was the second Wednesday in the month it was their formal meeting day. I was allowed to sit at the back and observe – really hard for me as those of you that know me well would know! I managed to complete another square and start the next so I am close to finishing the 8th strip. I was there until 12 and popped into the bakery to get some lunch and then got petrol in an old flashed petrol station where they put the petrol in for you!
I ate my lunch before I has Ash and watched a bit more of Eastenders while Alice was getting sorted. We also had a discussion about whether I should go and Alice wanted me to make the decision and I didn’t want to cramp her style if she wanted some time alone. In the end I went and did the driving. We were chatting the whole way, Ash slept all the way and I wasn’t driving too fast until Alice told me what time we needed to be there! As we were running a little bit behind due to my slower driving (!) I dropped Alice right outside the building where she had her appointment and I took Ash to the car park. I had an interesting time getting the buggy out of the car, his car seat out of the car with him in it and then into the buggy. I then walked up a very steep hill pushing Ash. We got to Alice before she had even gone in so I didn’t feel too bad about driving too slowly!

Of course Ash woke up about 5 mins after Alice went in. I managed to keep him quietish and he managed to puke over my shoulder but I am getting used to that! Afterwards we went to the hospital cafe for a coffee/tea, cake and milk for Ash and of course he filled his nappy while we were there – and it leaked! It reminded me of when Castell did the same thing at about the same age! I won’t go into detail here! Needless to say I let Alice sort Ash out. We left at 4 and got back in time to collect Elsie from nursery. When we got back Ash was still asleep so While Alice played with Elsie I took the time to pin the 7th strip.

Then both Ash and Elsie were crying and supper was being cooked so Alice asked me to have Ash. It took me a while to settle him but eventually he started to just look at me and make faces – I am sure he smiled at me! It was nice to have him in my room so I could put him on my bed and lie with him – yes he did leave some sick on my sheets but I didn’t mind.

After supper it was blog time while I listened to the radio and I managed to upload three day!

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