Adelaide/Byron Bay – 10th May

Well, a near disaster averted! I did not set my alarm for the correct time and when I woke up I thought I had just over an hour before the city shuttle came to pick me up. In the bathroom a couple of minutes later I realised that I only had 5 mins, I rang the company and they said that could wait for ten minutes! So a mad dash to get dressed and chuck everything into bags and get down stairs – no contact lenses, no shower, hair a mess, no teeth cleaned! And I had to leave the food I had planned to make lunch with behind! Only to find that by the time I got down stairs the guy had gone!! I had only been 12 minutes! I rang the company back and he said the guy had to go. He suggested I get a cab and kindly told me calmly where the nearest rank was. Fortunately, it was a 2 minute walk away and there were cabs waiting. I put my contact lenses in and brushed my hair in the cab. I didn’t have my purse in my handbag so I hoped it was in a bag in the boot! It was ! I got there minus $25, with 10 minutes to spare before check in so I took the time to sort my bags out and spray myself with perfume! I couldn’t see a toilet so my teeth had to wait. The queue for check-in was short and the woman behind the desk was very kind and efficient. Then it was time for security, which fortunately went without a hitch. I breathed out. I had 20 mins before boarding so I found a cafe and bought a cup of tea and some raisin toast and sat and collected myself. Then I went to the toilet, brushed my hair again and cleaned my teeth. I hoped that I didn’t smell!

At the gate, waiting to board, there were loads of young children! When I got on the plane I settled into my seat hoping not to be seated near any of them! And then a family with three children sat next to me and in the row in front. They weren’t organised at all and held everyone up sorting out dummies and milk. Then some luck two seats across the aisle were not occupied and the air hostess said I could move across. A big sigh and I plugged into my iPad and put some Simply Red in my ears and read one of my iBooks and relaxed.  

Fortunately, the flight was relaxing and arrived on time. The luggage took a while to come through but the shuttle bus had waited for me and I got back to Byron at about 1pm.
I spend the afternoon catching up with Jon and Alice. I popped out to ALDI for milk and toilet paper, I emptied my suitcase, put on a load of washing and collected Elsie at 5 pm. She was so pleased to see me and gave me the biggest hug. It was a lovely welcome. She chatted all the way home and I asked her if she had remembered to give Daddy his present on his birthday and Mummy’s present for Mother’s Day. She had remembered both and I was so proud of her and she was delighted with herself!😀
After supper I had a shower as I had clean sheets to put on the bed and then felt much better. The evening was spent knitting, listening to the radio and doing a bit of reading after tidying up and cleaning my desk.
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One thought on “Adelaide/Byron Bay – 10th May

  1. Wow – that was a journey not to be repeated! Hope your trip to Cairns will be a bit calmer and just as fantastic. Xx


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