Adelaide – 7th May

Up at 7am now! Up and out by 8:20 so I could meet the coach for the tour of Adelaide. We went back to the bus station to get on another bus which would take us on the tour. We left about 9:20 and I managed to get a front seat. We drove around the city being told about the statues, busts, buildings, road names, the oval cricket ground, botanical gardens and the zoo. We looked at expensive mansions in north Adelaide and visited an Anglican Cathedral – St Peter’s. It was a beautiful building but what made it wonderful for me was that it had a Minton tiled floor through-out! Here are some pictures!

I spoke to a couple of the volunteers about the tiles and where they came from. There was also a mention of Adelaide Arcade which was built around the same time. There were also some intricate embroidery on display too.

I bought a few postcards before I got back on the coach. We continued to be shown around particularly the layout and park land that surrounds the city. We were told that the person who designed Adelaide also designed Christchurch in New Zealand. This explained why I thought Adelaide had a feel of Christchurch on Thursday when I was on the airport shuttle. The only difference is Adelaide has not has an earthquake!
We then had a lightening tour of the Haigh chocolate factory complete with samples which were yummy. Of course I had to buy some but it was expensive so I settled for some seconds! Well, it is all going to end up in the same place! šŸ˜€

We finished the tour at the other end of the Rundle Mall so I did a bit of shopping on my way back to my apartment. Unfortunately, I ended up in a shop that stocked my size and had a sale! And yes I bought some clothes – a jacket, a lightweight coat, and two lovely soft tops. No black – just reds and blues!

I then reached Adelaide Arcade and it also had Minton tiles! I had to explore. What a wonderful building. It also had a balcony and I walked around the whole place. I stopped in a vintage store which was delightful and the lady behind the counter was happy to chat for quite a long time. But I did find a useful tool for putting holes in fabric so you can add some crochet edging. Very happy!

Back at the apartment I had a very late lunch, wrote the postcards, did some knitting, tidied up and took photos of things that I had bought. I did think about going to the cinema but a headache was hovering above my head so I decided to do quieter things. At six I needed food so I went out to get some ibuprofen (just in case), posted the postcards and found a Bing Boy!

It was very tasty!
The evening was spend with some more tv and more knitting
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5 thoughts on “Adelaide – 7th May

  1. The Minton floors are just amazing. I love the designs. Lots of terraced houses have them here. Obviously there is good taste in Adelaide. Xx


  2. Hi Steph,

    Slight disaster at this end. Due to building works etc, we are being kicked out of NEST earlier than before so I’ve had to move the date of the NRA forward. It is now going to be June 15th. Hope you can still make it. Jon


  3. Sounds as though you are having an amazing time. Not sure how you are going to get everything back home. We must meet up ASAP you are back in London xx


    1. I am having a good time – I think the Great Barrier Reef will be a highlight. Castell took a lot of stuff back for me – at least 10kg. And I am going take some clothes to the charity shop because they are now too big! Not sure when I will be in London now they have moved the NRA so that I can’t go. I specifically booked my tickets so that I could so I am not very happy! When I am in London I will definitely want to catch up you! šŸ˜€


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