Adelaide – 6th May

I woke up just before 8 after having a wonderful, undisturbed nights sleep. I felt great and the bed was really comfortable.
I had a leisurely breakfast of boiled eggs and toast. I got ready – even blow drying my hair and putting make-up on! The bus stop I needed was exactly opposite the apartment building and I waited about 10 minutes for a bus. The driver was very friendly and helpful with the fare and using the tickets. The journey took about 15 minutes and I was there before 11. Another lady also got on the bus asking for the show ground and so went I got off the bus we struck up a conversation. She had fitflops on which was an opener. We walked and talked until we found the door. She was very friendly.
The first stall that I stopped at was Yarnarama and talked to a lovely lady about interchangeable needles and she had exactly what I wanted plus a badge! Oh, and of course some yarn!

I wandered around a bit and found a workshop on crocheting with broomsticks. I was late but the lady said I could join in but needed a pack from her stall. I rushed across to Lola Lovegrove and picked some yarn for my pack and got back. Forty-nine chain, turn work and work a row of double crochet then comes the fun. You use a large needle to make a row of large loops which you then pull off the needle and gather together in groups of four with more double crochets. This is how far I got!

Then it was time to find the toilet which I had needed before I sat down!
I then explored the exhibitions and demonstrations. There were some men from the Woodgroup SA doing some turning and a huge display of items that they had made.

I also had a good look at the embroidery exhibition – it was the last women’s work I liked the most and related to the most. I then sat with the Knitters Guild of Adelaide and knitted some of a scarf for a child – part of their charity work. It was nice to chat to the ladies there too although the air-conditioning was extremely cold just there.

Round the corner was the Embroiderer’s guild and I spoke to them about my Grannie and all the work she had done. I also talked about an Australian relative who has had some drawings converted into embroidery designs. Here is some of their display.

Then it was time for lunch – fish and chips and a cup of tea to warm up. I also spent some time doing some knitting. Very peaceful, no queue for food, loads of table free to sit at and no hassle to leave as soon as you have finished.

After lunch, I had a look at a variety of other demonstration and had a browse through other stall in case there was something of interest. I had a good look at the Flower Power display, described in the literature – “Prudence Mapstone has created a unique and spectacular collaborative artwork by combining the hundreds of knitted and crocheted motifs received from around the world.”

Prudence Mapstone also had a yarn stall at the show and I didn’t link the two until I had a chat with her. She doesn’t have a shop but sells from home, runs classes across the world and exhibits at craft shows. She brings interesting international yarns to Australia. She is based in Brisbane and knows the “Yarn Glorious Yarn” store! She didn’t have any Australian yarn but she did have these interesting cable needles which look like they won’t fall out of my work so I bought some to try.

After a final wander I found some snippers I saw earlier and a tin with “Queen of Awesomeness” on it – something else to try and fit into my suitcase! But I had really enjoyed myself and so glad I made the effort to come.

I got back to the centre of the city about 4:30 and bought some fruit and fruit juice – not sure if I was coming down with a cold so thought some vitamin c might help to avoid it. When I got back to the apartment I did some more blogging and caught up – until tomorrow arrives and then I will be behind again!
I made a supper of couscous, ham and steamed veg followed by some ginger and chocolate chip cookies. Then spent the evening watching terrible tv and completing another square. At about 9 I was disturbed by loud music and worried that it was going to go on all night but fortunately it stopped at 10:30 when I went to bed. Phew!
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4 thoughts on “Adelaide – 6th May

  1. What a perfect day. Really wish I could have been there too. The Flower Power exhibit was just marvellous. Can’t wait to see all your goodies. Wishing you more interesting days. Xx


  2. Wow great to spent time doing what you’re passionate about. Enjoy the adventure. I’ve just finished 10mile walk for training for the moon walk more passionate about the pub lunch after 😉X


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