Byron Bay – 4th May

No surprise I was up at 8 am again. I didn’t rush to get up as I had a while before I needed to leave. More breakfast and a little bit more Eastenders so I am nearly caught up.  
At about 9:15 I left for Bangalow and the Country Women’s Association craft group. As usual I was made very welcome and a cup of tea was offered. We had a cup of tea before a guest speaker did her talk. She was from an organisation called Shift who offer support for homeless women. They are a charity without state funding – deliberately so they don’t have to meet targets or limit the length of stay. It means they can be much more wholistic in their approach within a framework of support. 

The woman obviously had a wealth of experience and knew how to help these women achieve success. I was very impressed. It also reminded me of all the experience I have of the job I have left and how very little credit was given to it or even listened to. What a waste! But I am so glad I made the decision to go.
I finished a square for the CWA blanket and was given three more balls to make three more squares! I didn’t promise that I would finish them all (but knowing me I probably will!). I also spoke to Rebecca who returned the needles she had borrowed and asked if I would like to go for lunch when I am back in June – great idea. I also spoke to her about a way I could say thank you for their hospitality. A thank you card and chocolates were decided upon. Once that was done I continued with the seventh strip’s 10th square which I managed to finish and got about a half way up the last square!
Lunch was a Thai chicken pie from the bakery and another cup of tea.

At the end of the session Di and I spoke about bringing in the throw when it is completed so my completion date is now 15th June! This is actually a good thing and I will be able relax a bit after it is done! And I might be able to complete some of the other things that are building up!!!

Went to the supermarket on the way home for top up groceries – milk, face wipes, Pepsi max, cereal bars, cereal, etc. When I got back I ate the strawberry tart that I also bought at the bakery. I ate it so quickly I didn’t have time to get my camera out and take a photo – sorry. It was good though!
Then Alice and I watched the beginning of the Dressmaker before Alice had to go and collect Elsie while I had Ash. It was a good film and there were lots of bits that made me laugh out loud. Once Jon was back from work I had to get on with sorting my washing and packing.
Alice and Jon went out for supper down the alley with Ash and Elsie. I decided to stay at home to continue packing and have supper. I also sorted out Jon’s birthday present. Supper was tomato soup and a cheese roll followed by a bit of chocolate.

I then listened to my audio book while completing my the seventh strip – hooray!! I am so close now. I then had some admin to catch up on – paying credit card bills and emails. It took a while as the Internet was playing up again so I didn’t try and update the blog
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