Byron Bay – 3rd May

Breakfast catching up on Eastenders followed by some cleaning of the ground floor – my room, the hall and the bathroom. Showering was followed some admin and more planning for both trips to Adelaide and Cairns. And lunch was prawns and potato curtesy of Alice – thanks sis!
The afternoon was taken up with notes for the blog – I know I am behind again! I must be honest and say I am struggling to stay on top of it! Just means you have to get it when I get time to do it!
I went out to do some shopping – sunglasses, book bus transfers, book appointments for hair and nails next week. I am so chilled I managed to wear different coloured shoes when I went out! Not like me at all. Fortunately, I was in Byron where people probably thought I was trendy! Alice thought it was a great hoot!

I looked after Ash while Alice got Elsie and as he had fallen asleep I had him in my arms until just after 6. Supper was chicken fajitas made by Jon very yummy. All washed down with a couple of glasses of port and lemon. My excuse is I need to finish the bottle before I come home and Alice and Jon won’t drink it so it would be a waste!
Elsie came downstairs with me for a bit until it was time for her bed time and we watched some Barney which she was transfixed by! She was very tired though!
I then spent my evening up loading a lot of my blogs that were waiting to go.
Quote for the day:


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