Byron Bay – 2nd May

Alarm went off at 8 again and I was up and ready to go out with Alice, Elsie and Ash to a place called Macadamia Castle. Alice drove us there, which took about half an hour, Ash fell asleep (and missed everything until lunch time!). Elsie showed me round – we fed the goats, 

the sheep (until one bit me!), the alpacas 

and the baby chicks. We touched a snake, looked at a wombat 

and some reptiles and Alice and Elsie went on a train ride while I had a look at the rats, mice, possums and some other furry Australian creature I can’t remember the name of! We went to see if we could feed the Kangaroos but they were not interested. The emus were curious but we weren’t interested in feeding them and the wallaby with a huge joey in it’s pouch wouldn’t let me close enough so I put some food on the ground for her. 

 Then it was time for the playground and Elsie made a friend. I took Ash off to order lunch and we sat down to a BLT burger with no nuts for Alice and Elsie and a Castle burger with macadamia nuts in it for me.

I drove back and we got home just at 1pm in time for Elsie’s nap. While she was asleep I did some tidying up and sorting out for my next trip. There was also a guy coming round to value the place and he didn’t need to see my pile of dirty washing! Once he had been I had Ash whilst Alice played dens with Elsie until Jon came home just after 5. Ash was very cuddly and eventually went for a short nap.

Supper was macaroni cheese with frozen veg followed by some Lamingtons fingers I had in my room. I spent the evening knitting, listening to some TED talks and skyping. I have also been doing some thinking – listening to Alice and Jon make plans for January made me think and then realise that I could put some things I place before I got home so ….. I am going to put some of my plans into action! First up is registering to vote – which you can do on-line but you need your NI number! Now first on the list is to email Dad! Lol

Quote for today: I found three!


3 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 2nd May

  1. Looks like you have had some good fun during the last few days. Loved the photo of you and Elsie – I have a drawing I bought years ago of a woman and child walking away together. Some of your quotes are so apt that I think you may like to consider putting them in order 1 to 10 like the Ten Commandments. Xx

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    1. Not sure I could put the quotes in any order! Different days need different quotes – some times I need a kick up the backside and some time I just need to stop and chill out! Contrary I know but that’s me! 😀


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