Byron Bay – 30th April

Woke at 8am but didn’t actually get out of bed until 8:30, had breakfast and scrapped and wiped my Birkis again. The bicarbonate was still a disgusting colour but not so smelly. I also scrubbed them with an old tooth brush and wiped them until little colour was coming off. Then I towel dried them with kitchen roll. I am going to leave them to dry off for a couple of days to see if it is worth doing my white pair.
I got a call from Rockmans to say my smaller jacket had come in and I said I would pop in this afternoon.

I decided to go swimming and once again when I got there the pool was virtually empty and I had a lane to myself. It makes swimming so much easier when you don’t have to consider anyone else! I managed 14 laps this time which is approximately 700 metres altogether. Perhaps I will get to 20 before I come home.I had a brief chat with one of the life guards who asked me how my swim went – perfect was my reply.

After a short play with Elsie we had dinner and Elsie went for her nap, and Alice and Ash went for their nap and Jon did some studying. I am not sure how much sleep Alice got as I heard Ash crying a number of times while I was downstairs catching up on my blog.

Once everyone was up, rather than go back to the shop Alice and I took Elsie to the park and had very sticky ice lollies.

Elsie’s lovely princes dress got very sticky so we had to change all her clothes at the park and rinse her dress so we didn’t attract wasps!

Supper was left over noodles, tuna and peas with a few extra veggies thrown in. I spent the evening listening to the radio and sewing up the sixth strip on the throw! I am now just about two thirds through!

I am not sure I planned for it to be quite as big as this! Lol!

Quote for today – not related to today but just one I liked!


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