Byron Bay – 29th April

So another day up at 8! I might try 7 next week so I can move to 6am the week after – might being the operative word!
I managed to clean out my Birkenstocks again and put more bicarbonate on them before I left – not sure this is working or my shoes were extremely yucky!

Went to Banaglow to help Katie and Rebecca staff the shop. I took all the things that Rebecca wanted to see – my Shaun the Sheep for my balls of wool, photos of my throw on the iPad and my interchangeable needles set. She loved the sheep, thought the throw was amazing and is going to buy her own needles! They seem to be the way to go for me too as they are small, light weight and easy to transport (thanks to some very kind people).
Katie spent the morning making marmalade and used cinnamon so the shop smelt wonderful all morning. We all took time to tell each other a bit of our story and it was interesting to hear how Katie and Rebecca came to be in Bangalow. I managed to do some knitting but I was on the square that I really struggle with so it was hard going.
Rebecca left just after 12:00.  I popped to the baker for lunch and bought spinach and feta rolls and a coconut cake.

I helped Katie straighten out the shop and left at 2. I went back via the supermarket for noodles and tuna for supper.

I caught up on a bit more of Eastenders before Alice and I put up the blackout material to help Ash sleep in the night.

Alice and Ash went for a walk and I went to collect Elsie from nursery. It is so nice that she is happy to see me and gives me a hug. We played a Peppa Pig version of frustration until Mummy came home and then it was make believe with the dolls house. Alice and I took it in turns with Ash and Elsie until I had to make supper. During my time with Ash he managed to puke and pee all over me! I forgave him. Elsie loves noodles, tuna and peas so they went down a treat and after a bit more playing Alice put Elsie to sleep while I took Ash upstairs. I sat in the rocking chair and sang (I know torture!) to him lots of songs I could remember. He seemed to like them and was quiet but awake. Once Alice came up it was time for them to go to bed and for me to go down stairs.

I spent the evening catching up on some emails and getting very frustrated with my iPads ability to forward documents as attachments and then safari crashed so I gave up.

Jon was on a late shift in the emergency department so arrived home about 9 and went straight upstairs. And then it was time for bed myself.

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