Byron Bay – 1st May

I am two thirds of the way through my stay in Australia. I know this because I have had to plan how I am going to complete the throw in time! The last third is going to go by really quickly as I am away for most of May and I will be helping Alice with Elsie and Ash for two weeks in June so I will have to make sure I find the time to finish it.
Still waking up at 8 but not jumping out of bed! I was up and ready to take Elsie from 9:30 though. Jon was swimming in the Byron ocean race with a colleague and Alice was going to carry their stuff back from the start line. Elsie and I played upstairs for a while and then downstairs for a bit until it was time for us to go and see what was going on. The beach front was full of people, there were tents with clothes and food being sold and the loud speakers were playing music and making announcements.
Elsie and I made our way to the waters edge where there weren’t so many people and we did a bit of paddling. I also explained to her what was going on and to keep an eye out for Mummy! I think we saw Jon get to the finish line in a time of about 42 minutes.

Then we tried to spot them whilst doing some more paddling and then Elsie unexpectedly sat down in the water and got soaked from the waist down. It was time to go home! When we got home they were already back so I got Elsie rinsed off and changed and went upstairs to hear how Jon got on. He enjoyed his swim and it wasn’t long before his colleague arrived back. Once the race was unpicked it was time for lunch.
After lunch I went to the market to see what they had on offer. Byron market is quite a big market and it took me over an hour to walk around. There are some interesting stalls but the one I liked the most was the Indigo one I had brought my scarf from. Once I was done I decided to have an ice cream – boysenberry! Just what I needed.

I then went to Rockmans to collect my jacket and had a good chat with the lady behind the counter before heading off to ALDI to get ingredients for supper. Potatoes, mushrooms, prawns, peppers, garlic and courgettes. I was doing prawn kebabs for the barbie with baked potatoes. I also had milk and cleaning stuff so I had two heavy bags. Elsie was still asleep when I got back so I crept in and quietly put the fridge and frozen stuff away before going for a sit down.

After Elsie’s sleep they all went off to the park so I cleaned the barbie, and put the prawns in garlic and paprika. I thought I might get another episode of Eastenders in before they came home but not quite! Then it was time for football. I had a few port and lemons while Jon had beer and Alice had a shandy. Alice and Jon lent a hand at half time and we had a lovely supper.
I did some more knitting, wrote up some blog notes and waited to hear from Castell. We didn’t get to chat until about 11 and talked about all sorts of things. He seems to have made some good plans for the summer. It was nice to hear from him and we are going to chat again next Sunday!
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