Byron Bay – 28th April

Woke at 8 again and immediately went upstairs so I could help Alice out as she had had a bad night with Ash. I looked after him while she took Elsie to school and then she went upstairs to have a nap. Ash was windy and every time I tried to put him down he started crying! I was fine as I was watching Eastenders to try and catch up with Alice and I have decided that cuddling babies is better than knitting! 😀

At about 9:30 Alice decided she couldn’t sleep so I got ready and went out again to the Country Women’s association in Bangalow. I was a bit late but they didn’t seem to mind. They didn’t have any projects on so I continued with my square for their blanket and then completed another square for my throw. The ladies chatted about all sorts of things and it was nice to be around some good people.
Lunch was a chicken pie from the bakery and that kept me going until I left. It was a very good pie!
I left just before two and went back a different way so I could get petrol on the way. Alice requested a bar of chocolate and I was happy to oblige. I also popped into Bunnings so I could get some outdoor polyurethane to seal the cork on my Birkenstocks. I am still trying to clean the foot bed of one of my pairs and they still looked decidedly yucky this morning!
When I got back I made a cup of tea, ate a raspberry and white chocolate muffin, watched some more Eastenders and did some more knitting.  Alice came down with Ash and had her chocolate and we talked about plans for June. When John came home he suggested we go down the alley to eat and then he went for a swim. I went to pick Elsie up at 5 and she was very pleased to see me. When we got home we had a cuddle on the sofa – sorry Mummy!
Later we went to the Italian down the alley and I had smoked salmon fettuccini. Alice and I shared some of a bottle of red wine and brought the rest home. The pasta was delicious and so was the wine.
I have found the second in a series in audio book format – also great to knit to as you can listen without being distracted.

I need to remember this when I get home especially when I have something complicated to do.
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2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 28th April

  1. You’ve had a really nice relaxing couple of days by the sound of it. The knitting group seems very friendly – just your cup of tea. Xx


    1. It is all go from now on! The CWA ladies have been the icing on my Australian journey and have made it all the sweeter! 😀. Should get to another eight meeting! 😀xx


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