Byron Bay – 27th April

Up at 8 so I could go and see the Country Women’s Association again in Bangalow. I got there just before ten and the ladies seemed pleased to see me. They provided the tea and cake (made by Adrienne and was gorgeous) and I did the knitting. I complete one and almost completed the second square for the day – excellent progress.
I sat with the same ladies plus Rebecca who roped me in to complete a square for their blanket that they raffle. She took one look at my knitting and said that I was an advanced knitter so I do an advanced square. I wondered what I was letting myself in for.
I also joined the lottery syndicate. They refused to let me pay any membership – but I like to pay my way. So I am try to contribute in other ways.
Lunch was egg and chips followed by another cup of tea and a discussion about where I could sell my unwanted clothes before flying home. I stayed until nearly 2pm.

On the way back to Byron I went to the supermarket for supper supplies and more bicarbonate of soda and glue for my Birkenstocks. I got back at 2:45 and Alice and I went to get our nails done again. Ash very kindly fell asleep on the way and stayed asleep while we were there.

Pink with a Birki tan line!

Afterwards I went to Rockmans which is turning into my favourite place to shop for clothes!! I bought everything I had put aside but not the zip up top as it was too big. They are ordering me a smaller one.
I cleaned my Birkis of the bicarbonate again. When I wiped of the bicarbonate it had turned the colour of coffee and was still very smelly!! I reapplied the bicarbonate and I shall see what happens.

I hat a chat with Alice about plans for tomorrow. I dug out knitting stuff for Elsie as she is still expressing an interest, the needles for the CWA square, and some of the things that Rebecca wanted to see. I also couldn’t resist starting the square they wanted me to do.

I then had a lovely hour with Elsie and we did lots of stickers and watched a bit more of Jungle Book snuggling on the bed. Wonderful.

We were disturbed by the shopping arriving and then it was time for bed for Elsie. I had a supper of oatcakes and soft cheese with garlic and herbs, some almonds and some ready cut melon that was reduced. Yum.
Sewed some more of the strips together while listening to the radio. ABC Sydney can be very informative!

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