Byron Bay – 26th April

Up at 9 and had a chat with Alice. I had read my itinerary for my trip up the East Coast and every breakfast is at 6:30! Not sure how I am going to cope with that!I then decide to go swimming and completed 12 laps although a little slower than before. It was lovely and sunny when I left the house and the water was a little cool, it rained on me while I was swimming but I was already wet!  Then it cleared up for my walk home. šŸ˜€

 I went shopping for facial cleanser which I had forgotten yesterday and just had to pop into my favourite clothes shop. I put aside two t-shirts, some 3/4 length very comfy trousers, a lovely long white cardigan (mine is looking a bit grey and bedraggled) and because it was over a certain amount of money (taking the 5th on that) I got a free tassel cardigan! They didn’t have the zip up jacket so they asked for one to be sent from another store. I also thought putting them aside would give me a chance to think about buying more clothes.

After lunch I started to clean my black Birkenstocks with Sodium Bicarbonate. The idea is that you mix up a paste with the bicarbonate and put it on the foot bed of the shoe and leave it over night to absorb all the yuck from your shoe. In doing this I realised that I needed to stick the sides together again and to reseal the cork – more things on my shopping list for tomorrow.

I finished sewing up a strip, much simpler with the safety pins to hold it together. I also finished a square!

I put the final load of washing on and had macaroni cheese and mixed veg for supper.

Quote for the day

I am the procrastinator rather than the dreaded as I often “feel the fear and do it anyway!”


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