Byron Bay – 25th April

Managed to get up sort of late this morning – about 9.  It was a day for sorting stuff out so sorted out washing, did one load, the other suitcase, went shopping but got rained on so just brought something for lunch.

I started to sew up my completed strips, did some knitting, watched the end of the OJ Simpson series, and watched Elsie whilst she napped and Jon and Alice and Ash went out.

Once they were back I popped out again to go to the chemist for echinacea tablets (still not feeling 100% over my cold) and safety pins and then to ALDI for my supplies.

Then we had a barbecue sausages, mushrooms, onion and I had to sit next to Elsie.

Once we had eaten and cleared up I went downstairs to FaceTime Cas as he had called. I didn’t get to speak to him until later but he seemed okay although he says he misses me. I think he will be better when I am back in the UK!

I also spoke to Liz and updated her with the yarn I have bought and what is happening to some of the wool shops and producers in the UK.

I also managed to complete another square and started sewing up a strip. Also sorted out where I was staying in Adelaide and Brisbane and booked my accommodation.

Quote of the day – what is this throw teaching me? And I will finish it! Lol.


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