Sydney – 23rd April

Woke up this morning to stormy, wet weather and decided to stay in. I also think I may be coming down with a cold so keeping warm and dry was a good idea. I decided to make sure that I caught up with the blog, pack everything I could and if time write some postcards.
I had a leisurely breakfast of orange juice, fried egg rolls and a cup of tea with a couple of vitamin C tablets thrown in. I looked at Facebook, emails, played a few games on the iPad, showered and got dressed. I did think about going to the cinema but when I checked there was nothing I fancied enough to go out for.
I then spent a good couple of hours writing up the blog, sorting out the photos and editing previous notes. In between I started packing and realised I didn’t have as much stuff as I thought I had and then I remembered that I had given Castell at least 10kg to take back for me!
I missed out on lunch somewhere a long the way, Alice and I chatted at some point in the afternoon and I had a Whatsapp conversation with friends. By six I was hungry and worked out what there was left to eat – baked potato, mixed veg and grated cheese washed down with the end of the wine. After the wine I didn’t feel much like doing anything so I sat in front of the tv and watched Catchprase and Silent Witness – both episodes I hadn’t seen and of course I knitted another square.
I made plans for the following day, sorted out what food I could take for lunch and did a bit more packing before going to bed.
Quote for today:  Remembering those that have passed.


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