Sydney – 22nd April

This morning I woke up to the news of Prince’s death! I can’t believe how many well known people have died this year.πŸ™
I was in two minds whether to go out or not today but when I checked the route it didn’t seem so bad. I got everything I needed together and left a little bit later than I should have done but when I go the the Ashfield library knitting group it didn’t seem to matter. I was welcomed by two lovely women who told me what they were knitting and how much they had learnt and what they had knitted for charity. They also introduced me to the woman leading the group. It seems as though quite a number of libraries have knitting groups operating in them. There were at least sixteen women at this meeting all doing different things, helping each other and giving each other support and advice. I also got an idea for a vintage scarf that threads into itself (so I won’t loose it!). I stayed until about I and then it was back on the train to circular quay and I knitted all the way and completed another square!

At circular quay I grabbed a subway sandwich and took a ferry to Mosman Bay and I decided sit outside at the front. It was a bit chilly in the middle of the harbour but I stuck it out. 

 Then it was a 230 bus, which was waiting for the ferry, up into Mosman.

It didn’t take me long to find the Needlework Emporium.  What a gem of a shop! It sell yarn which was great and it also sells tapestry kits, embroidery silks, fabric and all sorts of bits and bobs. Debbie the owner was there when I got there and when I explained what I was interested in she had just the yarn for me. Alpaca yarn from an Australian supplier who puts the names of the alpaca who contributed to the ball – so I am now the proud owner of some alpaca yarn from Marika, Renato, Gracias and Dollie! Debbie and I talked about all sorts of things and she made me laugh. She was a ray of sunshine in a grey afternoon. 

There wasn’t much else to look at apart from some expensive designer clothes shops which aren’t my scene.  I waited ages for another 230 bus back to the ferry and the weather was miserable, I even had to put my cardigan on!

On the ferry back I sat indoors as it was threatening to pour down with rain. After the ferry I go the train and walked back via the supermarket. Back at the apartment supper was noodles, tuna and mixed veg. Then I had a long Skype with Dad and Caroline catching up with family tree news.

I completed a strip of knitting and now I have knitted a third of them. I just need to sew them up before the 1st May to keep on schedule! I also uploaded some blogs and realised that I was quite a few behind! I wanted to get up to date.

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    1. It was just the sort of shop you would like around the corner! I wonder if wool shops will ever re-emerge in bigger numbers in the UK? Thanks for continuing to read! πŸ˜€


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