Sydney/Blackheath – 21st April

Woke up to the news that Victoria wood had died. 😒 very sad, I really enjoyed everything she did and thought she was hilarious.
I was also up early and managed to get out by 8:15, posted more postcards on the way (just realised I should have taken a photograph of them!πŸ™) and got to the main railway station by just after 9 am. It took me a while to locate the correct platform but I was settled early and managed to get a window seat. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I love the trains here. Firstly, they are double decker trains and the views from the top are great. Secondly, the seats can be moved to face each other or one behind the other so you can make sure you face the way you are going! Thirdly, they are cheap when going intercity. Finally, the seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth. All that meant I could knit all the way there and I managed to complete a square on the way!
The train took me all the way up into the Blue Mountains and the views from the train were stunning – particularly of the gorge (very glad I was in a train as we were very high and the drop was sheer!) and of the mountain ranges, obviously with a blue hue!

I bypassed the tourist trap of Katoomba and got off two stops later at Blackheath, which is supposedly famous for it’s autumn colour! Not many of the trees had changed colour – many of them are evergreen! Before I left the station I checked the return train times and realised that I either had 30 mins, 1 hour and 30 mins or 2 hours and 30 mins! Then there was a two hour gap!  After using the facilities I set off.

Dad, I think you would appreciate the station furniture and buildings!

Blackheath is not a big town and it didn’t take me long to locate The House of Wool  This is a wonderful little yarn shop that offers a wide selection of yarn, buttons and classes. They spin and dye their own yarn and I would love to have been able to go to a workshop on how to dye yarn so it comes out variegated! The owner was friendly and open about the pros and cons of owning a yarn shop. I think this store is a little gem and well worth a visit – even from Sydney!  And, yes I did buy some yarn.

I think I have more yarn than I need for one throw! Perhaps I need to make a few for when friends and family visit me in the North?! Lol

I was considering going back to Katoomba and doing some site seeing but I really couldn’t face all those tourists! Instead I went to look around a local antique shop. It was interesting to see how much stuff from the UK has made it’s way here. But also surprising was the cost of items like Wedgwood – almost twice the price! I didn’t buy anything.
My stomach then told me it was time for lunch so I found a cafe and sat down to pumpkin,spinach and pine nut quiche, salad and garlic bread washed down with a cup of tea. The quiche was nearly as good as Auntie Lizzy’s, I was impressed!

Back at the station I decided to go straight back to Sydney – it was another nice journey with lots of knitting – another square done! Although I managed to ping my cabling needle all over the place and almost lost it between the seats! It is a good job I didn’t take anyone’s eye out!

I got back to the apartments in good time and before it got too dark. More work on the blogs and more Skyping with a glass of wine and some cheese and biscuits filled my evening and my stomach!
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4 thoughts on “Sydney/Blackheath – 21st April

  1. Glad you spent some time visiting Bondi and the Blue Mountains – at least you can say you did it. So glad your visit with family was good too. The wool shop looks amazing, can’t wait to hear all about it. Xx

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  2. Blackheath Blackheath but worlds apart. I am really enjoying following your journey and look forward to catching up in person . Sitting on balcony in Spain glorious sunshine waiting for the sunset with a glass of wine and ponder why did we all stick work so long. It is great to read the positivity and happiness in your writing.


    1. I plan to be in London for a week at the end of June. It isn’t all roses here – just decided to report only the good stuff. I am, however, much more relaxed and it was a good decision to leave. Now need to decide what to do next! πŸ˜€


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