Sydney – 20th April

So this morning, after doing a bit more research for the rest of the week and getting myself sorted, I made my way to the bus stop again. Fortunately, the weather was good and the sun was shining. I boarded the same bus but rode it all the way to the end of the route – Bondi Junction. I thought I might have a look round the Westfield Mall on my way back. I then boarded another bus that took me down to Bondi Beach.
When I got off the bus I found a bench over looking the sea and sat and took in my surroundings.

It wasn’t as big as I had expected. I walked up and down the street to check out the facilities and possible lunch spots. I then walked along the promenade until I came to another empty bench. I sat down and knitted a square while taking in the view and doing a bit of people watching! Some people were dressed in shoes, socks and overcoats and others were in their swimsuits!
I walked to the end of the promenade and then walked along the beach in the surf getting quite wet at one point.

Once I got to the end I realised I was hungry and went to a fish and chip shop I had noticed earlier. It was quite expensive but I felt the need for fish and chips at the seaside. They weren’t the best fish and chips I had ever had and neither the fish or the chips were very fresh! Very disappointing!

On the whole I wasn’t very impressed with Bondi Beach – yes it is a beautiful beach but it is looking tired. There are some attempts at improving it but it felt like businesses were over priced just because they were in Bondi. The positive was that they had lots of benches looking out to sea and it wasn’t too busy so they weren’t all taken.

By this point it was getting cooler – I even put my cardigan on! I decided to make my way back. At Bondi Junction I managed to just get the connecting bus without having to wait at all and I was back home within no time. The bus route took me passed a cricket pitch and the local racecourse – something I wouldn’t have seen from a train.
As I had had a very late lunch I didn’t have much of an appetite for supper so did some more blogging and got to the point where I could upload a few days in one go. Although I didn’t get to put many on the blog!
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