Sydney – 19th April

I had a lazy morning digesting all that I had learnt yesterday. I settled into my new apartment and although I was only on the 5th floor I was right next to the main road which wasn’t conducive to sitting out on the balcony. A shame really.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do today and was quite happy not to do anything much! I was sorting out stuff and realised that I had a parcel to take to the post office. This gave me the impetus I needed and I set off. The nearest post office was a bus ride away and the bus stop a 10 minute walk. The weather wasn’t too bad so I was okay.
Again the Post Office staff were friendly and helpful. It didn’t take long to package and post my parcel and while I was being served I asked if there was anywhere interesting I could go nearby. Peter’s of Kensington was the answer and I could get a cup of tea and watch rich people spending money.
It took me a while to find it as I was expecting a plush looking place and the outside looked a bit run down and not very welcoming. That changed once I got in, apart from the worn carpet. This was a department store crammed with stuff! I thought it was a small place so when I got to the cafe on the second floor I sat down for a cup of Yorkshire tea and a passion fruit tart. 

 I am very glad I did as when I started to look round again the shop just kept on going and going. I think I was in there for over an hour just browsing! I also found a few items that were reasonably priced. And when I went to pay I was given a lovely pink and black bag!

I made my way back the way I came, I did have along wait for the bus but got back within an hour.

The bus journey had given me a bit more confidence to explore by bus so I spent the evening planning where I might go around Sydney as well as knitting and watching tv!
Quote for the day:


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