Sydney – 18th April

So up early to pack up and check out before travelling back to circular quay to get a ferry. The walk was uneventful, the train ride no surprises and I had a short wait for the ferry. It took me a few minutes to get my head round how they worked but it wasn’t a problem.

My ferry looked like this one!

Then I had a lovely trip up through the harbour, under the harbour bridge and up into the parramatta river. I realised on board that I had found the unique selling point of Sydney and wondered how many ferries I could take while I was here!

I arrived at Cabarita just before 11 to be met by Judy and her partner Rob.
I spent the whole day with them and it went by in a flash. We had refreshments me when we got to their apartment, supplemented with some Tunnocks caramel bars and tea cakes I took with me, and got to know each other a little better. They have an apartment that looks out over the river with some wonderful views – disturbed only by the building site next door!

Taken just before we left.

Rob left us to it and Judy and I got stuck in to discussing the family tree. Before we knew it, it was lunch time with a home made frittata and we talked about Rob’s walkabout tours around the outback. Apparently, the middle of Australia is lower than sea level so not only is it inhabited donut like it is also shaped like a donut. Ideas to cut a channel and flood it were decided against!

After lunch we shared more information, photos and checked details. Rob kindly made copies of documents Judy graciously said I could have and of documents I had. I also need to forward copies of everything I have on my iPad.

We got on really well and they were both lovely people.

Before we knew it it was dark, they took me to their local pub and insisted on buying me dinner. It was steak night so it was half price and very nice steak it was too. Judy, also insisted on taking me back to my apartment and it absolutely poured down with rain the whole way back so I was very grateful that I’d didn’t have to travel back on my own.

I finished the evening knitting and Skyping my friend Liz.
Quote for the day:


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