Sydney – 17th April

I had a lazy morning – I needed lots of rest! I then decided to find out how long it would take me to get to circular quay. It was a twenty minute walk to the train station, I was feeling quite okay and my knee was ok. The weather was fine when I set out but it was raining by the time I got to the station. The train journey was another twenty minutes and then I was there. Castell and I had been there before so I knew where I was.
I decided to try and find The Rocks but first found the Museum of Contemporary Art. One of the things I learnt from Cheron is that you don’t have to look at everything in the building! I popped into the first gallery to be rewarded with a textile exhibition by artist Noa Eshkol.
 I walked further down the road and realised I was at The Rocks. I found a market and then a stall that sold yarn and knitted items. I had to have a chat with the owner, Ann Collins and buy some yarn! She hand dyes the yarn and designs the pattern. She sells yarn, kits and finished items. You can find out more about her at Ann Collins Textile Design which should take you to her Facebook page.


 This yarn is gorgeous and comes with a free pattern! 😀 
There were some interesting stalls but some of it was quite expensive and tourist driven.
I went into a chemist and bought an umbrella, then found Nurses Walk and the Alpaca Barn – more yarn and a tempting selection of wraps made from Alpaca but decide I couldn’t afford £200! Even though the store took Amex!

  This yarn is a gorgeous colour and it is soft too! 
I then walked up into the tower blocks and decided that I could be in almost any other big city and couldn’t find anything of interest so I made my way back to the quay to find a cafe for a cup of tea. A Guylian Cafe was on the quayside so I sat an had a cup of tea and a Belgium chocolate eclair.


After this I decided I had had enough so I got back on the train and walked back to the apartment via the supermarket for provisions for tomorrow and a baking potato because that’s what I fancied.

I had a nice evening with more knitting, baked potato, salad and roast chicken for supper followed by a Skype with my aunt. I also had to pack as I had to change apartments again the following day.

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One thought on “Sydney – 17th April

  1. You’ve done loads of stuff in the last few days haven’t you. Can’t wait to see all those lovely yarns. You were probably right about the building swaying – they really do. Xx


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