Sydney – 16th April

So this morning I managed to sleep in late and then spent the whole morning reading. I decided to have a rest day to sort my knee out! So I finished my washing, blogged, more reading and eventually around 3:30pm decided to use the pool. It was completely empty when I got there but it wasn’t long before a couple of guys started thrashing up and down. This meant that the water got really chopping – the design of the pool meant that the water bounced off the sides of the pool and this in tern made it difficult to swim without swallowing large amounts of water. Fortunately, they didn’t stay long and I finished my 24 laps (it wasn’t a long pool!). 

 After swimming I felt better because I had done something rather than just resting all day! I also go a message from Castell saying he was back in the UK safely through security. 😀

That said, I spent the evening knitting, which is coming on in leaps and bounds now, until I had a FaceTime with Lynn Liz and Sarah. It was great to catch up. ☺️
Quotes for today:



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