Sydney – 15th April

Up early this morning as I couldn’t sleep which was probably down to the time difference! I spent the morning finishing the packing with Castell looking on and the washing so it was all dry!
Castell completed the third assignment by doing the conclusion before we left. And we just had time for a very quick game of Bananagram too.

After checking out we took a cab to airport – very reluctantly! I helped him to check in – he had to sign another indemnity form! I kindly gave him money for duty free and lunch and then he was gone. 😕

I came home on the train and a walk via the supper market where I picked up enough groceries for the weekend. I checked into another studio apartment – on 22 floor very high! I did have a look out on the balcony and managed a couple of photos but then I closed the door and didn’t go our again. Much too high – I am sure the building was swaying! 😩

 This afternoon I did my washing which took ages and I thought I had broken the machine at one point! I caught up on some blogging, watched tv and knitted, basically chilling out! Before I went to bed I got a message from Castell saying he was in Kuala Lumpur.
Quote for today:  


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