Christchurch/Sydney Australia – 14th April

This morning, I got up before the boys and Chris left for school, to say goodbye. I hemmed my trousers and made boiled eggs and toast for breakfast while Cheron took the boys to school and collected Castell. When they got back we had a cup of tea and had a chat with Castell. I then showered, changed and packed while Castell focused on his assignments and got two completed.

We had lunch of crackers with blue cheese from the cheese shop and finishing off the NicNaks so didn’t take any food out of New Zealand and into Australia. We left just after 1pm and I asked Cheron to just drop us off rather than come in. I gave her a huge hug and managed not to cry!

Anyway, we had some fun going through security but more about that when I get back! I got refreshments while Castell got on with another assignment. When I went to use the facilities I wondered why the carpet had such a strange pattern.
When I came back I noticed this notice that told me why!

I am quite impressed with this airport as the walkways also have a mural and play rainforest noises at you when you arrive and leave – an unusual but lovely welcome and goodbye!

The plane took off late but made up the time. I managed to finish “The Lady in the Van” – I enjoyed it. I then watched Z is for Zachary which is a very interesting film that makes you question the choices you would make in the same situation.

We landed on time and made our way to the same apartments via train and taxi which turned out to be more expensive than just taking a taxi! 😠

I did some shopping for breakfast and cider while Castell went to use the gym and the pool. I also did Castell’s washing so he went home with clean clothes. I also managed to load his suitcase with some of the yarn and souvenirs I have bought!

We ended the day with a delivered supper of Italian, pasta for me and pizza for Castell washed down with the cider. It was a nice last supper together.
Quote for the day:



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