Christchurch – 12th April

Happy birthday Caroline – hope you got the delivery!

Up this morning before the boys went to school. Had breakfast and a cup of tea while chatting with Cherry about knitting and sharing what we had knitted. Showered and dressed but it was a grey day and was that rain I was seeing outside the window?

We collected Cas at about 10 am and Cheron drove us through a tunnel down to Littleton a place near the port with scenery reminiscent of North Wales. It was beautiful scenery with islands and bays and hills etc. I had to stop knitting to look out! Even though it was grey and the cloud was low it was still very beautiful.
We stopped off at She Chocolate, a restaurant that was also a chocolate factory. So we ordered chips with chocolate sauce, hot chocolate with hazel nuts, hot chocolate with chilli and spices, hot chocolate and some actually chocolates to taste.

It didn’t take us long to be all chocolated out and feeling a little sick! On the way out I couldn’t resist buying a few chocolates to take with us!

We then went over the pass to get back. We went to the sheepskin factory shop where I bought Castell a pair of Ug boots, some postcards and a fridge magnet. Then we went to a shop called The Make Company where I bought two balls of wool and some material that I am going to make a notice board out off when I get home.


Then we dropped Castell off at the hostel and we went home for some lunch. Cheron had appointments with her boys so Cherry kindly offered to take me to a couple of wool shops. The first one was called Hands and was a craft shop with stuff for every craft imaginable. The assistant that I spoke to was very helpful and explained all the yarns that they had and where they came from and what they were made of. Here I bought some yarn which is made especially for the shop and a set of Russian dolls kiwi /Maori style. As we were leaving we were given a Christchurch guide to textiles and sewing which was great and even included places that Cherry hadn’t been to.

Next stop was The Main Skein and Cherry left me there while she went to get a few bits from the supermarket. There was quite a range of New Zealand yarn and I purchased three different types.

Back home we had a cup of tea while I helped Cheron prepared for supper by chopping the vegetables for stir fry which we had with chips (from the chip shop) and home made fish cakes.

After dinner I watched some more of The Bletchley Girls and completed some more knitting. I now only have 1 1/2 squares to do to finish this strip and they are easy patterns too so I am hoping to complete them before I get on the plane back to Sydney.

Quotes for the day:


One thought on “Christchurch – 12th April

  1. What a lovely couple of days you have had. Chocolate, chips,wool shops and the best of all good friends to share it with. What could be better. Xx


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