Byron Bay – 2nd April

Castell turned up early for breakfast and then left for his first surfing lesson.  Not long after Jon and Elsie left to go to a party and Alice and Ash left to go for a walk!  I was left to catch up with Eastenders and have my breakfast and a cup of tea in peace.  Jon came back within half an hour saying that the party was tomorrow! He then took Elsie off to the pool.

I tried to catch up on my blog and research Adelaide for accommodation and flights – the is a Stitch and Craft show the weekend of the 7th May which I would like to go too.  It will also give me an opportunity to go to another city and find out what other crafts Australia enjoys!  I also made some cheese and salad sandwiches for Castell’s lunch before Elsie went to sleep and waited for him downstairs.  When he came back he was really tired but said that he had enjoyed himself and had got to standing on a surf board!  He then went back to his hostel to shower and rinse the salt water off.

Later he text me to say he had met some people and wanted to chill out with them.  As it was too late for a swim and I had been in all day I decided to go for a walk along the beach at sunset.  It was beautiful wadding through the surf on the way out away from the sun and towards the sun dropping behind the horizon – I did try and take photos but they didn’t work.  I did video the parrots roosting for the night – they make an incredible racket!  They are called Rainbow Lorikeets….

I will try to enter a video here if I can remember how to do it!
I got back just in time for supper and then spent the evening watching TV and catching up with some knitting.

Today’s quote come with a picture as close as I could find to what went down this evening!



4 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 2nd April

  1. It would have been lovely to take that sunset walk along the beach with you – so beautiful and my favourite time of day. The birds are amazing so thanks for the photo. Xx

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