Byron Bay – 1st April

Up this morning to go swimming with Castell in the memorial pool.  It was lovely and cool from my perspective and cold from Castell’s!  I managed my usual 10 laps with alternate laps as front crawl which is slowly improving.  I don’t know how many laps Castell did but he still has his technique curtesy of many years of swimming lessons as a child.  Then it was back to the house to shower and change.

We left at about 12:20 to go to the Funky Dance studio to meet Nina.  Castell was going to have a 1-1 session to look at his audition pieces. She was lovely when I spoke to her on the phone and she was lovely face to face too!  I left them to it and went to do some chores.  I went to Bunnings for hooks and batteries, to a bargain shop to get vases for Alice’s flowers and to do a bit of knitting.  I realised that I had forgotten my knitting so I went to a local cafe for lunch.  It was also a bakery so I had a lovely multi grain roll with chicken and salad followed by a passion fruit tart all washed down with a couple of cups of teas!  I will definitely go back there.  While I was eating Jon called and kindly asked if Castell would like to watch the rugby with him that night and he would cook a barbie.  We discussed what was needed and I then had more errands to run!!

I collected Castell just before 2 and we went to the bottle store to buy cider, BP to get petrol, Woolworths to get all the groceries and Subway to get Castell’s lunch! It was great to do some every day things with him and working together loading and unloading the shopping. He then went off to do his own thing for a bit and I did some blogging, some cuddling of Ash and Elsie.

We had a lovely barbie with chicken, sweet corn, onions, mushrooms and green peppers – all washed down with nice cool cider.  Elsie went to bed at about 8 and the rugby started at about 8:30.  Alice went to bed with Ash and Jon, Castell and I settled down to watch the game.  Jon’s team is the Gold Coast Titans…

I managed to knit most of the way through it and finished a bother strip of the throw!  Hooray.  Castell was feeling a bit jet lagged but made it to the end of the game.  Unfortunately, the Gold Coast Titans lost but did put up a good fight and Jon wasn’t too disappointed as they have won quite a few other games recently.  Castell went off to bed and Jon and I ended up drinking some more and chatting for over an hour about all sorts of things – it is clear that he loves his family and is very protective of them.  Fortunately, this Jon (as opposed to my old neighbour) is a nice drunk so it was lovely to get to know him a bit better – well as much as you can get to know anyone after a few drinks! Lol. We eventually went to bed around midnight!

Here is my knitting….

At some point today I was listening to the weather – perhaps in the car and it said that not only was February the hottest for quite some time but that March had been the hottest since 1996!  Trust me to come to one of the hottest countries at one of it’s hottest time!!!!

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