Byron Bay – 29th March

This morning I got up and got dressed straight away in dirty clothes!  I then I had breakfast catching up with Eastenders.  Then I spent about four hour cleaning the house so that it was clean for Alice and Ash went they came home – Jan you will be proud of me!  I polished mirrors, wiped door handles and doors, cleaned window sills, I wiped down Elsie’s chairs and tables and the dinning table and chairs, washed the floors, cleaned out two of the kitchen cupboards, emptied the dishwasher, hoovered Elsie’s room and cleaned all the cupboard doors and handles.  After that I was very sweaty, smelly and thirsty!  At about 2:30 I had lunch and drank a lot of water while I cooled off and packed some eBay parcels in front of the fan.

I then showered and headed out to the post office for the parcels and Woolworths for some snacks that Alice asked for.  One the way back I went to collect Elsie and when I got back I still felt quite hot so drank some more water!  Elsie and I played together for a few hours – reading, the Jungle Book dancing and a bit of Paw Patrol.  We also spoke to Castell who had spent the day walking around Sydney checking it out! Jon cooked cheese on toast for supper and then Elsie was off to bed.

I spent the evening catching up on the blog and doing a bit of knitting listening to the radio – more information about how to search for your ancestors – very interesting!

This is the radio station that I listen to.  It usually has interesting topics being discussed. 😀

And her is a quote for today…



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