Byron Bay – 28th March

Well this morning there was much waiting to hear from Castell. At about 11:15am I had contact and he had landed!  There was much messaging re: SIM cards and the Eastern Sydney Shuttle but he eventually got it all sorted and got himself to the YHA backpackers.  He sounded fine considering all the flying he had done.  I left him to get settled.

In between all this I was catching up with Eastenders, showering, getting dressed and sorting my room out.  Jon and Elsie had gone to the hospital to see Alice and Ash so there was no-0ne else at home.  Once Castell was settled I was able to catch up with the blog and get all Alice’s news out!  Also born on Sunday was Caroline’s newphew’s second child!  At least I won’t forget the date!

Jon go home in time for Elsie to sleep and at 2:15 I went out to get some garlic bread and get myself waxed again.  When I booked the appointment I was very suprised to get one on a bank holiday!  This is what happens to my legs when they are waxed!

Fortunately, this goes down after an hour! But is is one reason why I limit my waxing! (I will let you think about that!) 

When I got back Jon went off to see Alice and Ash again and I had Elsie.  She was a sweetheart again – she enjoyed some more Jungle Book, her supper, a couple of Easter Eggs, lots of stories and had great fun telling me how to put her to bed! šŸ˜€ She went straight to sleep and gave me some time to watch TV on the couch and do some uninterrupted knitting. Bliss.

Jon got back at about 9 and was watching a film on his iPad so I could stay on the couch!!!!! I had a number of conversations with Castell until he went to bed. It will be good to see him on Wednesday.

Here is today’s random quote….



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